Igor Dobranic

IGOR fashion brand is an international premium womenswear brand founded and seated in Croatia. The brand was started in 2005 as a small manufacture and is now an internationally respected brand with over 200 stores carrying IGOR.

Every single item is hand-made and undergoes our strict quality control. IGOR fabrics, from linen to cotton and wool, are carefully-sourced from Italian manufacturers, many exclusive to the brand. Elegant, timeless, and inspired by traditional Chinese and Japanese culture, Igor’s designs evoke the senses.
We would define our fashion as classy, timeless, effortless, relaxed, minimal, romantic, with simple lines, and without current influences – somewhat unconventional.

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Ballongbyxa - IGOR
En läcker ballongbyxa från IGOR ​ett märke som verkligen sticker ut!  Stora i storleken..
2 499.00Kr
Exkl moms: 1 999.20Kr
Franck av IGOR
En härlig klänning i 100% Lin. Generöst och snyggt skuren. Ballongmodell .Fickor på sidorna.  S..
3 399.00Kr
Exkl moms: 2 719.20Kr
Monteverdi Tunika från IGOR
En så läcker tunika i 100% Linne, med snygg detalj såsom "hängkragen" designad och tillverkad av IGO..
2 699.00Kr
Exkl moms: 2 159.20Kr
Pietro av IGOR
En så läcker öppen "Tunika" eller kortärmad jacka i 100% Lin, läckra detaljer som paljetter, spets, ..
3 299.00Kr
Exkl moms: 2 639.20Kr